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Oct 17th, 2012

Recursively delete .svn directories

Recursively delete .svn directories from a checked out working copy.

find . -type d -name .svn -exec rm -rf {} +

Sep 28th, 2012

ViewVC Remote Repositories

With SVNmate up and running, the goal is to keep it that way by resisting the urge to install additional software packages unless they can significantly improve the server setup, preferring instead to maintain a minimally provisioned and well configured system.


Recently I’ve been considering using ViewVC to provide a dynamic front-end to my Subversion repositories, but the above clause meant first having to install it onto another box to play with. This also meant having to replicate repositories and their associated configuration onto this test box to have real world data to interact with.

Sep 24th, 2012

What about Revision Zero?

Present in the db/ subdirectory of your repository is the implementation of the versioned filesystem. Your new repository’s versioned filesystem begins life at revision 0, which is defined to consist of nothing but the top-level root (/) directory. Initially, revision 0 also has a single revision property, svn:date, set to the time at which the repository was created.

Book reference: Creating and Configuring Your Repository

Sep 22nd, 2012

WC-NG and svn:externals

The release of Subversion 1.7 delivered a much anticipated improvement for client working copies known as Centralised Metadata Storage; effectively the centralisation of working copy metadata storage into a single location (ala git).

Instead of a .svn directory in every directory in the working copy, Subversion 1.7 working copies have just one .svn directory—in the root of the working copy.

Sep 22nd, 2012

Apache Subversion 1.7 Release Notes

I’ve been busy recently, so have only just finished reading the Apache Subversion 1.7 Release Notes.

My interest was piqued by contemplating an early upgrade to Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) which ships Subversion 1.7.5, but I’ve decided against it for the time being.

I’m still running Subversion 1.6.x but nonetheless it’s good to know what changes have been made with the latest release branch of Subversion.

It makes for very interesting reading.